Friday, November 20, 2015

Dr. Holly Littlefield's Epic Collection of Social Media Failures

If you were fortunate enough to attend Dr. Holly Littlefield's presentation at the Association for Business Communication International Conference in Seattle, you were treated to an entertaining and highly instructive selection of social media failures. Her talk, "Audience, Brand, Channel: Using Social Media Cases to Teach Communications Concepts," offered a taste of everything from cringe-worthy image choices to clumsy non-apologies.

Bovee & Thill's Online Business Communication Magazines's insight:

The examples Dr. Littlefield was able to show during her time slot are only a sample of the episodes she has collected, and she has generously agreed to let us share the full set with you. This extensive PowerPoint presentation (11 MB) offers a variety of cases that highlight the need to understand audiences and make intelligent decisions about communication channels.

Our thanks to Dr. Littlefield for sharing her insights and teaching resources.


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